Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Panavision and Tower Unveil Fast Linear Sensor

Yahoo: Panavision Imaging and Tower announced production of Panavision’s family of DLIS-2K re-configurable line scan CMOS image sensors. The DLIS-2K sensors were developed using Tower’s Advanced Photo Diode pixel process and pixel IP with Panavision’s patented Imager Architecture. The sensor is claimed to be the world's fastest single port re-configurable linear image sensor.

The DLIS-2K Imager is a Quad Line Sensor with 11 bit A/D, High Dynamic Range, and Correlated Multi-Sampling (CMS) for enhanced sensitivity. The sensor has ambient light subtraction, oversampling, non-destructive read mode, binning of different integrations, auto-thresholding and a high resolution mode with an 120MHz pixel readout.

The imager uses 4 X 32um pixels with sensitivity exceeding 100 V/Lux.Sec. The sensor utilizes 0.18um process.

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