Thursday, October 28, 2010

Advantest Announces 64-DUT CMOS Sensor Tester

Business Wire: Advantest’s new T2000 CMOS image sensor test solution provides customers with 64-DUT parallel test capability, claimed to be the highest in the industry - 8x higher than the previous Advantest product.

The new T2000 CMOS image sensor test solution incorporates a test head configured with a large optical source, and a new CMOS image sensor test module, providing illumination to an area greater than 10x that of Advantest’s previous tester. At 208mm x 252mm, the area of the new test head permits great flexibility in layout creation and device test, enables customers add custom circuitry for their applications.

The tester's differential input supports serial data at 1.2Gbps speed per lane, 4 lanes x 4 channel or parallel data at 200M pixels/s, 16 bits x 4 channel. The image capture memory is 128M pixels x 2 banks, capable of storing continuous image data of up to 255 frames.

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