Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Omnivision Announces 1MP Color HDR Sensor

PR Newswire: Omnivision announced 1280 x 800 resolution color HDR sensor, the OV10630. Aimed to wide field of view and multi-camera automotive applications, the 1/2.7-inch OV10630 is built on a 4.2um pixel OmniPixel3-HS platform, enabling low-light sensitivity of 3.5V/lux-sec.

A proprietary new HDR concept and processing technology delivers a dynamic range of 110dB in black-and-white, and more than 100dB in color while dramatically reducing or eliminating many typical HDR image sensor artifacts such as motion ghost artifacts and other unwanted effects. The OV10630 also employs auto dynamic range control to adjust to changing lightning and scene conditions.

The OV10630 has an active array of 1280 x 800 pixels, providing 720p HD video at 30fps. It supports a digital video parallel port, providing fully-processed, display-ready color HDR video output in 8- or 10-bit YUV format, or 18-bit combined RAW RGB output with complete user control over formatting and data transfer. Fully unprocessed RAW data is also available in two 10-bit format images. The sensor also incorporates a number of automotive-specific features to support system health, including a temperature sensor with automatic disabling capabilities.

The OV10630 is currently sampling and is undergoing AEC-Q100 qualification. It is scheduled to enter mass production in the second quarter of calendar 2011.


  1. Does anyone have a image from this sensor?

  2. I heard that there is a flicker problem on this sensor when it is operated under fluorescent lighting conditions. Indeed the short exposure generates ripple variation on the image. But I didn't see the image.


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