Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Imaging Technologies Announces WDR Readout IC

TempSensorNews: New Imaging Technologies (NIT) announced NSC0803, a 320 x 256 pixels resolution multipurpose readout circuit operating in voltage sensing mode. When connected to a junction photodiode array, NSC0803 offers a true logarithmic response versus optical illumination without saturation with more than 120 dB true dynamic range.

The aricle also talks about NSC0905 - a 1024x1280 logarithmic sensor specially designed for high performance intensified night vision applications. It's based on 10.6um pixels with 70% fill factor.

Update: As mentioned in comments, there is a nice NIT channel on Youtube showing quite impressive videos. Here is one of them:

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  1. Some demo video found on youtube:


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