Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Omnivision and Xilinx Team Up on 360-deg View Applications

PR Newswire: Omnivision announced that its OV9715 automotive-grade megapixel sensor has been selected by Xilinx for its four camera, 360-degree surround view automotive reference design. "360-degree view systems, obstacle detection and many other advanced driver assistance applications requiring megapixel resolution sensors are gaining widespread acceptance in the automotive market," said Jeff Morin, senior technical product manager for North American automotive products at OmniVision. "This trend is reflected in projections from market research firm Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd., which indicate that megapixel sensors for the automotive market are expected to jump from 1.3 percent market share in 2010 to nearly 35 percent market share by 2014."

The 1/4-inch OV9715 uses a 3um OmniPixel3-HS pixel to achieve low light sensitivity of 3300 mV/lux-sec. The OV9715 is Automotive Electronics Council AEC-Q100 qualified and has completed the production parts approval process.


  1. what is Aptina doing ?

  2. They are trying to IPO or get bought.

  3. If Aptina was getting ready for an IPO or getting bought wouldn't they be making lots of press releases with marcom-gone-wild? Companies that need to prop up their share price need to make lots of PR announcements. It is the Wall Street rule.

  4. What IS Aptina doing? I've heard that they are thinking about how to shut the business down without too much disruption to customers.
    I was looking for Aptina revenue to Micron in the Micron earnings report but couldn't find anything.

  5. What is Aptina doing? Good question. We don't hear much from Aptina these days. May be there PR executives doesn't get paid well.


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