Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Varioptic Gets New CEO

Varioptic announced the appointment of Hamid Farzaneh as CEO of the company. This is a key step in the company's plans to commercialize its broadly applicable liquid lens technology. Farzaneh brings an expertise in leading global high-growth technology start-ups as well as high volume business experience to Varioptic.

Prior to joining Varioptic, Farzaneh served as President & CEO for DisplayLink, EVP of Sales
and Business Development for Silicon Optix, COO and co-founder of Motion Sense, EVP and COO of Genesis Microchip. Hamid Farzaneh will be based in Silicon Valley and will globally lead Varioptic’s team located in Lyon, France, and in other sites worldwide.


  1. How can a CEO based in Silicon Valley direct a company in poor state in Lyon? I cannot imagine this.

  2. Depends. If he is hired to complete a sale of the company then it makes sense. If there is a strong leadership team in Lyon already, it makes sense. For sure this is no 65% GM business, at least not in the high volume camera phone arena and already Varioptics' CEO's have bent their pickaxe trying to get into high volume. Siimpel (now Tessera) had trouble with a less expensive and more robust MEMS technology v. voicecoil. Maybe there is some emerging field (e.g. microprojector displays) where this technology fits well.

    I don't know how one "leads" a French team from Silicon Valley however. Hope there is a strong COO in Lyon.

  3. in 2009, business incoming = 820Keuros with lose of 3.9Meuros. The business is not that good anyway.

  4. They are trying to get bought by Tessera now that Tessera realizes Siimpel is not what they thought it was.

  5. what is the relation with Variotic? Who wants to be bought by who?

  6. What did Tessera think they were buying?


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