Friday, October 15, 2010

IISW 2011 Call For Paper Posted

2011 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) Call For Paper has been posted. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is January 17, 2011. The Workshop will be held at Hakodate-Onuma Prince Hotel, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan, June 8-11, 2011.


  1. Registration priority is always to the authors (and committee members). With attendance limited to about 130-150 (still TBD), and 80 papers and 20 committee members, there are not many slots for non-contributing attendees. Furthermore, we have had to close registration within 2-3 days of opening registration due to being full, or overfull in fact. We also try to prioritize those non-contributors according to past papers published, historical giants, and to some extent, overrepresentation from any one company. Registration will open a few months before the meeting.

    Moral of this story: Please submit a good paper if you want to attend!

    Note: Don't book the hotel until registration has been accepted. There will be plenty of rooms. Hate to have you show up and not be admitted to the meeting, as has happened in the past.

  2. Hope this time more papers from universities will be taken into consideration. This conference can be very important for students doing research in this challenging scientific and very "commercial" field....


  3. Papers should be accepted based on their quality and contribution. Lets not use "affirmative action" on papers. As a student, I do not want special treatment.

  4. Dear last honest, nice student. Nobody wants special treatments. If you are smart enough you would see that the papers from the last IISW conferences are mainly from companies of the sector. There is a lot of interest from the companies to have business connections in that conference instead of just showing scientific work.

  5. You are so wrong. This is a technologist's conference PERIOD. Quality left-field work is welcome. Wish we could accomodate every student that wants to attend, but we do stretch a lot to encourage student presentations, including oral poster presentation sessions and students happen to win the Best Poster Award most years (in a flat-field competition).

  6. Note also that Professor Kawahito is the Technical Program (and paper selection Committee) Chairman, and both Albert Theuwissen and I both currently hold faculty appointments. Also note that this conference was founded while I was at Columbia University.


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