Saturday, October 09, 2010

TSMC Enjoys Strong CMOS Sensor Sales

Taipei Times: TSMC is said to have strong image sensor sales in Q3:

We believe the strength in September, or the third quarter, was mainly from CDMA, wireless, CMOS image sensor and handset names,” said Roland Shu, a semiconductor analyst with Citigroup, in his report. Yesterday TSMC surprised many analysts when reported record high monthly September sales, bringing its third-quarter revenue slightly above the company’s forecast.


  1. It seems Himax has ramped up pretty well.

  2. TSMC is not going to want to loose out to others like Samsung. Prices will continue to fall.

  3. OVT puts them in a strong position with designs that are simple to integrate and the image quality is much higher than it used to be. The 5G iPhone is said to switch to Sony, but OVT won't let it go easily.

  4. Himax lowers 3Q10 guidance
    Himax lowers 3Q10 guidance

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    Latest news

    Press release, October 11; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES [Monday 11 October 2010]

    Himax Technologies has updated its previously announced third-quarter 2010 guidance. The company now expects revenues to decline approximately 26% sequentially from the US$187.7 million posted in the second quarter 2010, gross margin to increase slightly above the top of the previous gross margin guidance, and GAAP earnings per ADS to be in the range of US$0-0.01.

  5. himax lowered guidance due to the lcd component business. last i heard, the cmos image sensor business was going gangbusters.

  6. When and where can we see the Himax Imaging CMOS sensor brief product spec or demo?


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