Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aptina 16MP APS-C Sensor is 2010 EDN Innovation Award Finalist

Business Wire: Aptina announced that its APS-C format 16MP MT9H004 image sensor has been chosen as a finalist in the 2010 EDN Innovation Award competition. The MT9H004 was recognized for its ability to deliver maximum SNR across all scene lighting and ISO speed conditions.

Through the addition of a pixel-level, dual-conversion gain (DCG) switch, the sensor combines two modes of operation in one pixel design – a high conversion gain (HCG) mode with increased sensitivity and low read noise for low-light scenes and a low conversion gain (LCG) mode for large charge handling capacity in bright scenes. A 5dB increase in SNR, almost two full f-stops of range for the camera lens aperture, is achievable under low-light conditions without sacrificing performance in high-light environments, where MT9H004 can achieve a 47dB max SNR. Other MT9H004 features include 16MP still image capture at 10fps, live-view video support, and 1080p/30fps high-definition video recording.

Between February 17 and March 31, EDN’s worldwide readers will use an online ballot (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/886ZQ6R) to select the winners from among these finalists. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on May 2 in San Jose, Calif.

The MT9H004 image sample is below (click to expand):


  1. Congrats to all Aptina friends involved!

  2. Nice image! But for the innovation award, what is the major innovation in this design?

  3. My question is: When are we going to se an Aptina APS-C sensor in a commercial camera? Who is going to be the first camera brand to use one?

  4. "Who is going to be the first camera brand to use one?"

    The Nikon 1 model J1 and V1 Mirrorless cameras introduced in October 2011! They use the 10MP Aptina Sensor.

  5. Not exactly this sensor. The resolution spec is different in J1/V1.


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