Tuesday, February 01, 2011

IISW 2011 Pre-Registration is Now Open

2011 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) pre-registration is now open. Thanks to EF for sending me the alert.

Update Feb 4, 2011: As EF wrote in comments, the pre-registration is now full. All the additional requests will be placed on a waiting list.


  1. Eric,
    I sent a paper to the conference but since I am a student the university allows me to register only if my paper get accepted. What should I do in this case?

  2. You should preregister which does not cost any money yet. I don't know if Prof. Kawahito plans to give special consideration to student papers or not, but be sure to at least let him know it is a student paper. Thanks for your submission!

  3. I was informed by Junichi Nakamura that 2011 IISW pre-registration is now considered full. Any additional preregistrations received will be placed on a waiting list.


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