Friday, February 11, 2011

Himax Announces 2010 Results, Blames Capacity Limitations

Himax reported its 2010 results, including image sensor ones. Himax CEO Jordan Wu said:

"2010 was the year when we commenced mass production for several new product
areas, including CMOS image sensors, wafer-level optics, wafer-level camera modules...

CMOS image sensor is and will continue to be a fastgrowing area for us. We currently offer VGA, 1.3 mega pixel, HD, 2 mega pixel and 3 mega pixel products focusing on handset and notebook camera modules. While we are a new comer to the market, our sensors have been highly praised by several customers with leading market positions to have outperformed those offered by the incumbent players in terms of image quality. Consequently we have won numerous design-wins from customers ranging from camera module makers, contract manufacturers to system integrators with world leading brand names.

While our current shipments are handicapped by the serious wafer foundry capacity shortage from which the industry is suffering, we remain confident that we will deliver phenomenal volume growth and strong market expansion this year. To what extent our sensor products will grow this year will depend largely on the availability of foundry capacity.

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