Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TYZX Patents Stereo Vision for Gesture Recognition

Marketwire: TYZX, the 3D stereo vision company, announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for TYZX's claims for the use of real-time stereo in applications such as "recognizing a hand gesture in order to control an application by tracking a location and an orientation of a user's hand." This invention, whose title is "Generation of a Disparity Result with Low Latency," also addresses applications in traffic monitoring and safety.

This patent addresses the use of real-time stereo vision cameras to use hand gestures instead of remotes to control consumer devices such as televisions and mobile platforms.


  1. well today people can patent everything passing under their nose!

  2. My guess is TYZX never will be successful of in the area of consumer devices. Maybe military and automotive...

  3. Funny to announce that claims have been allowed. Who knows what is in the claims?

    Canesta has an existing patent on gesture recognition. Maybe that is related to Microsoft's acquisition of Canesta...

  4. I've wanted to indicate that this patent is not important.. For me, passive stereo is out (in the area of consumer devices).

    Yes, maybe patents, maybe liquidation of free competition (same scenario as 3DV Systems?) BTW canesta.com forwards to bing.com now.

  5. Zizi - May you please elaborate what you mean by 'liquidation of free competition (same scenario as 3DV Systems?)'. I don't understand the message, but it appears very interesting :) thx


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