Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Microsoft Kinect Sales

GigaOm, NY Times: "Kinect is the fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history... Kinect exceeded all expectations with 8 million stand-alone and bundled sensors sold in just 60 days," said Peter Klein, Microsoft CFO in the quarterly results conference call (SeekingAlpha). Citibank Research estimates that Microsoft will ship about 19.2 million Kinect controllers over next 18 months.

JDSU supplies two components for Kinect: a laser diode, apparently with maximum power of 500mW and an IR pass filter for the sensor. The two component's price is about $4 per Kinect controller, according to estimates from Mark Sue, analyst with RBC Capital Markets.

OptoIQ published a popular comparison of 3D vision approaches for gesture recognition. Not much new there, other than various people sayings about the gesture recognition market.

Sinclair Vass, senior director of marketing and operations at JDSU, said: “Both coded light and time-of-flight are viable, and most likely will coexist. Gaming is a good strong commercial market, but pretty small relative to other places where this could be used, such as the living room.


  1. Again, how about the eye-safty if a kid looks inside the laser projector? I can understand that at certain distance, the laser power is diluted but if one looks inside just by curiosity, that could be fatal!

  2. Nintendo already issues health warnings on the new 3DS game player.

    The Kinect seems much more intrusive and potentially dangerous. How long before Microsoft adds some type of health warning?

  3. what is the use of laser diode ?

  4. I remember that the IR illuminator for active car night vision is long time troubled by the eye safty issue. With so high continous laser power, it's irresponsble to hidden its existance on the product. Even on a laser printer, you can find the warning label. MS could pay a lot one day ... just like the hot coffee history of McDonald's.

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