Monday, February 14, 2011

Morpho Unveiled HDR and Rolling Shutter Correction Technologies

PR Newswire: Japan-based Morpho announced the development of HDR technology and rolling shutter distortion correction technology. These technologies operate on mobile handsets including Android devices.

HDR technology compensates for clipped highlights in bright areas and clipped shadows in dark areas of high contrast images. Morpho, Inc.'s HDR technology creates an ideal image by using multiple images with different exposure times. The main feature of this technology is that Morpho's original motion compensation technology "SOFTGYRO" eliminates the need for accessories such as tripods. In addition, ghosts of subjects are not captured due to subject blur compensation.

Morpho's video image stabilization technology "MovieSolid" has been expanded to correct rolling shutter distortions in addition to video image stabilization in the horizontal and vertical directions.


  1. I almost confused this company with SAGEM Morpho...

  2. This is why there is a link to the Morpho web site. Anyway, I'll add "Japan-based" Morpho.


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