Thursday, February 17, 2011

NIT Announces Fiber Optic-Coupled HDR Sensor

New Imaging Technologies announced NSC0905FO, an HDR sensor coupled to a fiber optic for Image Intensifiers or X-ray Imaging.

The NSC0905FO is a 1280x1024 pixel native HDR sensor coupled to a flat fiber optic. The sensor has a pixel size of 10.6um and offers DR of more than 120 dB. The diagonal size of the NSC0905FO allows matching the standard 18mm phosphor I2 tube interface without losing spatial resolution.

Other applications include X-ray or gamma-ray imaging through the deposition of fluorescent material layers at the fiber optic surface.

The NSC0905FO has a maximum frame rate of 60 Hz full frame and offers on chip 2x2 binning and center zooming. Power consumption of the sensor is less than 150 mW.

Update: There is a number of video links in comments. Here is one of them:

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