Thursday, February 10, 2011

Samsung Introduces 8MP 1.4um Pixel BSI Sensor

Korea IT Times, Korea Newswire: Samsung unveils its new 1/3.2-inch 8MP CMOS imager, S5K3H2, based on 1.4um BSI pixels. The new imager supports up to 15fps at full resolution and 1080p HD video up to 30fps. It also offers video recording of 720p at 60fps and VGA resolution images at 120fps for slow motion playback function all on a mobile phone.

The S5K3H2 is said to be able to operate on 1.2 voltage levels - I would cross-check if this is the only supply, once the official Samsung info becomes available. The sensor fits in 8.5mm x 8.5mm auto focus camera module with a height dimension of 6.0mm.

The S5K3H2 is sampling now and is scheduled for mass production in Q2 this year.


  1. Interesting getting red and blue like that.

  2. Great. It comes in read and blue. At least when you render it from CAD instead take a real picture.


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