Friday, March 11, 2011

Aptina Congratulates Eric Fossum on his Induction into National Inventors Hall of Fame

Aptina congratulates Dr. Eric Fossum on his recent induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his invention of CMOS-APS technology. His early work with CMOS continues to encourage innovation and drive the image sensor market.

Dr. Fossum’s contributions to imaging science include work at JPL in the early 1990’s which were followed by contributions toward commercializing CMOS technology, and include founding Photobit Corporation in 1995 with others from JPL. In 2001, Photobit was acquired by Micron Technology and became Micron Imaging Group. This group became Aptina in 2008 and was spun off from Micron in 2009.

"Working with Eric at NASA was very rewarding and resulted in advancing imaging technology and the development of CMOS imaging solutions into the mainstream," said Roger Panicacci, VP of product development at Aptina and one of four JPL engineers who helped create Photobit with Dr. Fossum. "The success of CMOS image sensors today wouldn’t be possible without his work on the active pixel sensor."


  1. Than you for the kind words Roger!

    I remember when Photobit got large enough to sport two softball teams which played at the spring picnic. The Photogates vs. The Photodiodes I just don't remember who won that game!

  2. Were The Photodiodes already pinned or not? If yes, it should have been an easy game for the Photogates ;-)

  3. Eric, have you envisioned the scale of the CMOS sensor industry today when you set up Photobit??



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