Friday, March 25, 2011

Aptina's APS-C Sensor Among 2011 Golden Mousetrap Finalists

Design News announced 2011 Golden Mousetrap Finalists. Aptina's APS-C 16MP MT9H004 is the only image sensor among them.

The MT9H004 delivers 16MP images at 10fps, live-view video support and 1080p/30fps HD video recording. A 5dB increase in SNR is achievable under low-light conditions through the addition of a pixel-level, dual-conversion gain (DCG) switch. In high-light environments it can achieve a 47dB max SNR. The DCG switch controls the switching on and off of a capacitor connected to the FD node.


  1. This sensor is receiving some notice in the press and has been presented multiple times by Aptina. This imager depends on two fundamental new ideas in patent 6204524 of May 20, 2006 A CMOS Imager with a Storage Capacitor and patent 7075049 of July 11, 2006 A Dual Conversion Gain Imager. These patents and the associated inventors are never mentioned. Sometimes giving credit is apparently inconvenient.

  2. "fundamental new ideas"....surely you're kidding.

    Plus, how about the 30 other IP elements that went into this sensor and the 200 Aptina engineers that made it all happen?

  3. Is there a photo camera using this sensor? They collect few prices but they are yet to brake into DSLR/large sensor photo cameras.


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