Monday, March 07, 2011

TYZX Enhances its Stereo Vision by Texture Projection

Marketwire: TYZX announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the USPTO for TYZX's claims for the use of projecting a random textured pattern from a diffractive optimal element onto a target area in order for a stereo vision system to calculate distances to one or more points. This invention is called "Enhancing Stereo Depth Measurements with Projected Texture."

"For many applications, including gaming, 3D mapping, and robotics, projecting a textured pattern on poorly illuminated or featureless surfaces makes calculating range data more effective," said Ron Buck, President and CEO of TYZX. "By integrating a texture projector in a TYZX stereo vision system, we create a highly accurate, highly compact, real-time 3D vision solution ideally suited for home entertainment systems that support a variety of applications such as gaming."


  1. Surprised this is still patentable?
    Active stereo, i.e. a pair of cameras with one or more structured light sources, has been around 20+ years.

  2. what I do:
    keep one copy of the published paper, article, book chapter of the so-called patented technology. And go develop your system ... if they dare attack you, you just show these documents.

    They will wast money and time for nothing, like one siffs in the night to avoid fear!

  3. to Eric R Fossum:
    With all due respect, did you remember last news about TYZX and our discussion? Here is the answer..


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