Thursday, March 24, 2011

ISE 2011 News Stream Continues

Albert Theuwissen continues his series of reports from ISE 2011. The third part talks about Omnivision presentation on its BSI progress. While 1.4um pixel in BSI-1 had SNR10 of 88 Lux, BSI-2 improved it down to 58.5 Lux level. For 1.75um pixel SNR10 has been improved from 53Lux in BSI-1 to 41 Lux in BSI-2. 1.1um pixel SNR10 is 117 Lux. The future BSI-3 process is supposed to be based on 40nm design rules and will use new color filter technology.

Philips presentation on Digital Photon Counting technology and applications is covered as well.

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