Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CCD Innovator Gordon Hopkinson Passed Away

Technology News Room: Gordon Hopkinson (1952-2010) has passed away on Sept 24, 2010. At Leicester University (UK) Hopkinson developed ground breaking techniques for achieving low noise performance from CCDs and together with David Lumb wrote the definitive paper on the subject. These techniques were subsequently applied to the new breed of space imaging missions and are still used to this day. He has several publications in this field and numerous citations.

Thanks to P.R. for sending me the link!


  1. Albert TheuwissenMarch 16, 2011 at 6:47 PM

    Sorry to hear the sad news about Gordon Hopkinson. A great personality and a very clever CCD engineer passed away way too early.

  2. Thank you Gordon for your contributions to CCD technology. My belated condolences to your family members. You left too soon but rest in peace.

  3. In addition to his achievements on CCDs, Gordon was also a well known and recognized expert in the field of radiation effects on optoelectronics, especially on CCDs and CMOS image sensors. He discovered dark current RTS with I.H. Hopkins in the early 90s and have studied it in detail on CCDs and CIS in the following years. He was participating regularly to the IEEE radiation effects conferences (RADECS and NSREC), and published many key papers in this field.
    He was a very kind person, he was regarded with esteem by his colleagues and friends, and was always willing to share his great knowledge and experience.
    He will be greatly missed.
    My deepest sympathies goes out to his family.


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