Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tessera Names Imaging and Optics President

Business Wire: Tessera has named Bob Roohparvar as its new president of Imaging & Optics. Roohparvar joins Tessera from Flextronics, which he joined in 2006 as president of FlexPower and president and CEO of Vista Point Technology. Prior to Flextronics, he served as vice president and general manager for Broadcom. He has also held management positions at Fairchild Semiconductor and Xicor.

Roohparvar is an associate professor of Computer Engineering at California State University, East Bay. He holds B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Iowa State University, and is the inventor of multiple patents relating to semiconductor technology.


  1. That's wierd! Did'nt TSRA stop with optics? Why would a business lead person/CEO of a company like Vistapoint join this dead end street?

  2. To spin off/break off the division IMHO.

  3. I wonder what repercussions this would have on management of the Optics BU. I guess that people saw themselves as candidates to enter Mike Bereziuk's shoes after he'd left.

    Should we expect an exodus (Eyesquad, etc)?

  4. I can't imaging Bob's job was very comfortable after the security leaks by Walter Shimon. I doubt Apple's SCM team was very impressed.

  5. ah, that's way they need him at TSRA!

  6. > Should we expect an exodus

    There's not a lot of people to "exodus" after the mass layoffs in the Image and Optics Group in February. Total head cut was somewhere north of 50, maybe more than 70.

    This is sort of typical old business school from Schainsaw Al in the 80s - do mass layoffs, bring in a new guy, spin the thing off, put lots of money in the pockets of the board members and CEO, screw the employees.


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