Saturday, March 26, 2011

ISE 2011: 5-Star Rating System for Phone Cameras

CNET: I3A President Lisa Walker presented a new 5-star rating system for phone cameras at ISE 2011. The system is meant to give a more objective measure for cameras quality.

"The test combines a host of technical measurements--detail, sharpness, chromatic aberration, lens distortion, and more--then links that analysis with subjective human assessments to ensure the measurements really are relevant. A detailed formula boils the various factors down into a single rating.

The ratings likely will come with a matrix that shares a bit more detail about the camera performance for those who want more than a handful of stars. The matrix as presently designed shows a variety of shooting styles--action, landscape, portrait, macro--fare when photos are presented on small or large prints or shown on mobile phones or TVs:


  1. How much have they been paied for this propagand???

  2. Seems like there are many conflicts of interest in both I3A and in their proposed raters. Not all camera-phone manufacturers and image sensor manufacturers are members of I3A, and DxO for example, has strategic ties and certain customers among some handset brands.

    This is not like Consumer Reports or Good Housekeeping. I3A needs to develop an approach that is not full of conflicts of interest and truly in the best interest of the consumer if they are to have real credibility.

  3. btw, what is that bottom left icon, and how do the "greens" correspond to the "bar graph" on the right? Does not seem consistent.

  4. I found that the I3A's presentation is less interesting in this workshop. And the report of CNET focuses only on this so-called 5* rate is really a propagand.

  5. The I3A has actively tried to enlist the support of anyone interested in contributing. Those that haven't participated are not doing themselves a service.

  6. The bottom left icon is supposed to be a guy running to represent motion imaging. A triumph of graphic design over communication.

    I have no interest in this topic but thsi sort if simple rating system seems to me like a good idea for consumers. The categories seem ok but I don't get the cross correlations - what does a video of scenery mean?

  7. "a guy running"

    Your gestalt is better than mine if this is actually true. I saw a martini glass so I was thinking it was a low light, bar scene mode.

  8. Many thought it was a martini glass, including me. Apparently it's "standard" symbol (CIPA, I think), so people are supposed to intuit it's meaning.

    Personally I liked the idea of a "drunken scene" mode. Maybe turn up the blurring and add some pink tint to the scene. Or some spin distortion.


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