Monday, March 26, 2012

Image Sensor 2012 Conference Report, Part 4

Albert Theuwissen concludes his excellent reports from London, UK Image Sensor 2012 Conference. The last part covers Sony presentation on 1.12um pixel generation and a presentation on Quanta Image Sensor by Eric Fossum.


  1. I remember that in TV video quality measurement, there is a correction factor on the SNR according to human visula perception. This is correction factor increases the instrument measured SNR by 6-12dB for SDTV but much smaller for HDTV.

    It's amusing to constate that this factor goes up again when the resolution is further increased beyond HDTV.

    -yang ni

  2. I thought the Sony presenter did an excellent job. Even though the theme is pretty much "Sony takes over the world of image sensors," the quality of the presentation was very nice, as well as the A part of Q&A. That is unusual for Sony, so hope to see more of this fellow in the image sensor meetings.

    Regarding Albert's kind comments about my talk, it is true much of it has been given before to the technologist community, but only a small part was on YouTube. It is a work in progress and I hope real results can be achieved and shared before too long. For my students and colleagues who will be doing this work, it reminds me of the old joke: "Row faster, the Pharaoh wants to go water skiing!"

    1. BTW, the latest version of the QIS talk is posted here:

    2. Eric, hope it does not turn out to be this new joke: When Pharaohs (aka PhD students) want to go water skiing, the lone man indeed has to row harder and faster :) Best wishes for your team.


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