Friday, March 23, 2012

Pixpolar Presents MIG Pixel Simulations and Measurements

Pixpolar presented its MIG pixel simulation and measurement results. In this Youtube video the y-axis is the measured voltage and the x-axis is time:


  1. Why does the signal increase slightly over time?

    1. Hi Eric,
      the slight increase of signal is due to dark current.

    2. I guess the dark current just comes from a simulation parameter but it does seem large. How large is it, say in electrons per sec?

    3. Hi,
      The images on the left present actual measurements and therefore the dark current seen in the images is real. The reason for the large dark current stems from the facts that the demonstrator was manufactured on a Float-Zone wafer and that the pixel was not isolated from bulk diffusion current which is especially prominent in FZ wafers. In case of a fully depleted sensor the pixels in the pixel matrix would naturally be inherently isolated from bulk diffusion current.

    4. I would like to correct a little the previous statement - the reason for the large dark current is naturally the high resistivity of the FZ wafers and not the FZ material itself.


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