Sunday, March 11, 2012

Primesense Lays Off 50 out of its 190 Employees

Globes: PrimeSense is firing 50 of its 190 employees. The company is holding hearings for employees today, ahead of sending them pink slips later this week. PrimeSense is cutting its workforce in all departments: marketing, R&D, and operations.

Update: Hebrew-language newspaper Calcalist adds few details about Primesense status (Google translation here). Few key points from the article:
  • Primesense was profitable in 2011, but it is not clear if it turns a profit in 2012
  • Kinect sales are heading down, albeit no numbers were quoted
  • Primesense has secured design wins for two more generations of Kinect, up to 2014. After that point Microsoft's plans are unknown.
  • So far Primesense sold 20 million 3D cameras for Kinect


  1. why couldn't they be acquired like canesta? good to understand what lead to their failure

  2. too much overhead and spending. never think you are there without covering next steps..

  3. Arrogant management. I think that a few month ago they said that they will not sell the company even for a Billion dollars.

  4. Arrogance will indeed lead them to a failure.

  5. Such irony. The management was right. They certainly won't sell it now for a billion. Their investors may have to settle for much less before the end...


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