Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aptina Announces 3 New Security Sensors, Janus Reference Design

Business Wire: Aptina announces MT9M031 and MT9M021 image sensors integrating its smallest, high performance global shutter technology into a 1/3-inch optical format HD device. The 3.75 um global shutter pixel is said to have exceptional low light performance hand has no artifacts typically associated with rolling shutter pixels.

"With over a decade of research on optimizing and shrinking global shutter pixels we are proud to unveil our latest advances in high performance global shutter technology," said David Zimpfer, GM of Aptina’s Automotive Industrial Business Unit. "By shrinking the global shutter pixel to 3.75-microns we are able to provide high-speed motion capture capability in stunning HD resolution in the standard 1/3-inch optical format."

The 1.2MP sensors can operate at 45 fps at full 1280x960 pixel resolution or at 60fps speed at 720pHD resolution (reduced FOV). The power consumption is 270mW in 720p60 mode. The dynamic range is 83.5dB - quite big for the global shutter sensor. The responsivity at 550nm is 8.5 V/lux-sec.

The only difference between MT9M031 and MT9M021 sensors appears to the the package type. Both sensors are currently sampling with full production start expected in Q2 2012.

Business Wire: Another Aptina sensor announced today is 1/3-inch 1.2MP AR0130CS made with conventional rolling shutter. The sensor features extended IR performance in 850-900nm range. Its QE at 830nm is 26.80%. The responsivity at 550nm is 5.5V/lux-sec. SNRmax is 44dB.

Other than the pixel parameters and the rolling shutter, the AR0130CS appears to be identical to the newly announced global shutter counterparts. The same 83.5dB DR is stated, same power of 270mW in 720p60 mode, same speed of 45 fps at full 1280x960 resolution.

"The AR0130CS provides the surveillance market with a path to upgrade legacy CCTV cameras to high resolution 600-1000 TV line CCTV, or move directly to an HD IP camera solution," says David Zimpfer.

Business Wire: GEO Semiconductor announces the availability of its new security camera reference design jointly created by GEO and Aptina. Code-named Janus, the reference design features GEO’s AnyView technology.

Janus is a complete 1080p60 camera system uses Aptina’s AR0331 HDR sensor and Image Co-Processor ICP-HD with GEO’s sxW2 IC. Janus enables designers to implement advanced capabilities and features collectively referred to as AnyView:

  • Elimination of multiple cameras by the selection and display of multiple (1-8) views of any size from the fish eye input view while performing real-time full HD De-warping with independent dynamic pan tilt and zoom capabilities in each of the windows;
  • “Zero Pixel Loss” panoramic views of the fish eye input at full HD (1080p60) resolution;
  • Ability to auto calibrate and correct for lens distortions;
  • Stitching together of multiple sensor image streams, to provide ultra-wide panoramic views;
  • Reduction of system cost by use of inexpensive optics and plastic lenses; and
  • Maximization of image capture area through the use of elliptical and custom lenses.

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