Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fujifilm Redesigns Sensors Due to Excessive Blooming

Imaging Resource reports that Fujifilm intends to re-design its latest sensors due to excessive blooming. The sensors are used in Fujifilm X10 and Fujifilm X-S1 cameras. Fujifilm USA said that this redesigned sensor should arrive in late May. A nice picture below shows 33-pixel sized blooming orbs in some conditions:

A real-world example (100 pct. crop) of the
'white orbs' problem, from Imaging Resource's
upcoming Fuji X10 review. IR also encountered
the problem in the preliminary testing of the
Fuji X-S1. Copyright Imaging Resource.

Thanks to KP for sending me the link!

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  1. wow that looks horrible!!How could they miss it in evaluation...


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