Thursday, March 08, 2012

Homemade 3D Camera

HackEngineer site presents do-it-yourself structured light 3D camera. TI DLP Pico Projector is used to project the light pattern, observed by a cheap VGA camera on the receive side:

The resulting depth map pictures look very nice:

Via Vision Systems Design.


  1. Reminds of a Popular Electronics hobbyist project. Looks like the BOM may be a bit more than Kinect.

  2. I wonder if this technology can ever be use for the same usages as the Kinect, i.e - gesture recognition etc. or should be "stuck" on static scenes usages...

  3. To me, the main limitation is the lack of dedicated ASIC to run the algorithms. As long as it runs in MATLAB, it's way too slow for dynamic scenes.

  4. yes, but even when the processing bottleneck is removed the system still need to decode x numbers of pattern per single depth map frame, move one pixel during these exposures and you miss the decoding of the effected pixels. Further more - I guess that if the issue was processing we would had seen a Kinect camera or such, base upon this biotechnology....


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