Thursday, March 15, 2012

Microsoft Research Presented Depth-Mapping Webcam

Microsoft Research had held a TechFest event on March 6, 2012 where it presented a new 3D-mapping webcams, shown in this Youtube video (a higher resolution version directly from Microsoft site is here):

Microsoft says: "This project presents next-generation webcam hardware and software prototypes. The new prototype webcam has an extremely wider view angle than traditional webcams and can capture stereo movie and high-accuracy depth images simultaneously."

Update: The zoomed face of Microsoft's 3D Webcam from the slide above (click to enlarge):

Another zoomed version under slightly different angle and better resolution:


  1. Is it stereo vision plus Kinect like projection of IR patterns? What is the third bottom array and port for? There is a lens over it in the video. Is it an IR source and camera?

    It also seems very close range.

  2. I guess that the near-sensor depth map is only based on LED light intensity sensing like one has been experienced by Toshiba many years.

    -yang ni

  3. Stereo? Really?

  4. This hybrid approach is looking good but I doubt it can fit the thin handset form factor.

    Does anybody knows on quality 3D sensing (beyond passive stereo) that can fit modern thickness tablet\smartphone\ultrabook ?

    1. Mantis-Vision is having thin design that fits tablets, but they are targeting it for user generated 3D modeling.
      As long as they support the frame rate they can do as well HMI sensing.


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