Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sharp Announces 20MP CCD with 1.2um Pixels

Tech-On: Sharp announces what its calls the highest resolution 1/2.3-inch CCD featuring 20.15MP resolution and 1.2um pixel pitch. The new RJ23G3BA0LT packs 20% more pixels than the previous generation 16MP CCD in the same optical format and it targets DSC market.

The reported sensitivity in Green is 105mV (typ), measured at 1000 lux with F4, 90% transmitting lens at 1/30s exposure. The sensitivity is said to be improved by unique technology using light focusing. The saturation level is 400mV (min). Smear is -86dB (typ). The sensor supports 720p30 video mode.

The CCD is sampling starting from April 26, 2012. Mass production will start in August 2012 at a rate of 200,000 units per month.


  1. How to compare this sensor to CMOS one with the same pixel size?? Except this is a snapshoot sensor and who can make a 1.2um snapshoot sensor??

  2. Also good to compare other functionality, including readout speed, as well as power. Blooming? DR? Video mode? Embedded AF pixels? also should be compared. Requirement for supporting chips also should be compared. It would be fun to put together a modern comparison of performance and functionality details.

  3. Eric, where can you find 1.2um FSI CMOS sensor to compare :)?

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  6. Costwise, CCD is still more attractive than CIS for volumne zone in a developing country as mentioned. Functionality is lower priority.


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