Thursday, January 03, 2013

3D News Galore: Leap Motion, PMD, Primesense

GigaOm: Leap Motion has raised another $30M in a second investment round. The funding round, led by Founders Fund with previous investor Highland Capital Partners participating, follows a $14.5M Series A round. The company's products will be bundled with ASUS all-in-one PCs and some laptop models.

GigaOm says that the Leap Motion's gesture recognition device has a 150-degree FOV and can accurately track the movements of all 10 fingers with up to 10um(!) accuracy. More than 12,000 developers are said to be working with the product and its SDK.

Following Leap Motion's PC-centered application focus, another PC gesture control is published on Youtube, reportedly shows PMD's CamBoard nano capabilities:

PMD posted another Youtube PC gesture control video demoing faint movement based gestures: "We wanted to focus our interaction on small and subtle gestures with do not require you to raise your arm and/or hand very much, since we feel that this will not be appropriate for frequent usage of gesture control (gorilla arm … ;-) ). So, we decided for an interaction paradigm which requires only the smallest imaginable movement of your hand. The standard position of your hands when operating a laptop/AiO is on the keyboard. And we are happy if you can leave your hands there. It is just required to raise your finger: The movement is convenient, easy to accomplish and most of all enables immediate gesture interaction. Swiping your right index finger with different speeds in different directions triggers different actions (see the video for more details). Additionally, raising your left index finger, brings up menus which enable more functionality (shown in the video as well)."

Meanwhile, Primesense published a nice Youtube promo showing a wide variety of 3D sensing applications based on its camera:

While we are at user interfaces, Tobii announces a new low-cost consumer version of its eye-tracking camera and user interface, Tobii REX. The REX is available now for software developers and will be available for consumers in fall 2013.

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