Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Corephotonics Raised $5.2M in the First Round

Corephotonics announces its first round of financing with an investment of $5.2M. The company was founded by ex-Tessera team of David Mendlovic, Gal Shabtay, and Eran Kali. Magma Venture Partners and BetaAngels, led by VC practitioner Roberto Saint-Malo, participated in this first round of funding.

Corephotonics is currently developing two primary product lines:
  1. Actuators – tiny electro-mechanical engines which improve focusing capabilities, and enable optical image and video stabilization
  2. Computational cameras – sophisticated optical systems combined with complimentary image processing which will provide dramatic improvements, such as true optical zoom, lower profile optics, low light improvement, 3D mapping, and more.

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