Monday, January 28, 2013

London Image Sensor Conference Announces Agenda, Interviews Pelican Imaging CTO

Business Wire: Image Sensors conference (IS2013) have released its full agenda for 2013. Jim DeFilippis, the former EVP Digital Television Technologies and Standards at Fox TV, and one of the keynote speakers for IS2013 is to discuss the duality of image sensor and display technology development in 3D broadcast technology. His presentation is set to include his experiences from the London 2012 Olympics 3D broadcast.

The other keynote speakers at IS2013 include; Dr Howard E Rhodes, CTO, OMNIVISION, USA. Dr Junichi Nakamura, Director, Japan Design Centre, APTINA Japan, Japan. Alan Roberts, Colour Science Consultant (former BBC R&D), UK. Prof Franco Zappa, POLIMI, Italy

The pre-conference workshops will be led by Prof Edoardo Charbon, TU Delft, The Netherlands and Nicolas Touchard DxO Labs, France and will focus around Single-Photon Imaging - Technology Overview and Focus on Medical Applications and testing and Optimization of Image Sensor Performance.

The conference site also published the interview with Kartik Venkataraman, Pelican Imaging Founder and CTO.

Q. What are the novel applications for [the multi-aperture] image capture in a camera phone application?

A. "Clearly the biggest advantage of this approach is that you are getting not just an image of the scene but also its depth. The camera array needs to be seen as a both an imaging device and a 3D acquisition device. The technology is passive, low light capable, small enough to fit into the mobile device one carries around, and produces high quality high resolution images. From that point of view, it allows one to imagine all sorts of capabilities given the availability of a high resolution depth map along with the high resolution image. Besides synthetic refocus (in post capture still and live video) some of the applications would be distance measurement, scene segmentation, object level manipulation and filtering as well as 3D modeling and just about anything that can be further enhanced with the availability of a depth map."

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