Wednesday, January 30, 2013

EU Suspends CMOS Sensor Customs Duty

IMV Europe, Vision Systems Design: Starting from Jan 1, 2013, Europe suspends the customs duty on CMOS sensors, responding to the request made by Framos, a Germany-based distributor of CMOS sensors.

CCDs have already enjoyed tax-free import rules since 2010. However, CMOS sensors were related to a tariff group of "parts for television cameras" and were levied a 5% customs duty.

Lou Hermans, COO of Belgium-based CMOSIS, commented: "It will make us a little less competitive, in the sense that people importing CMOS sensors from abroad [outside Europe] will not be confronted with the import duties anymore." However, he went on to say that CMOSIS is not really competing on price but on performance and the company is targeting niche sensing markets. "I don’t expect it will affect us that much," he said.

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