Thursday, January 31, 2013

Toshiba Announces 2nd Sensor with CNR, and More

Business Wire: Toshiba announces 1/4-inch 8MP 1.12um BSI pixel T4K35 image sensor featuring Color Noise Reduction (CNR). The CNR has first appeared in 12MP sensor in Nov. 2012. The new T4K35 provides ~1.5 times higher SNR than a 1.12um pixel sensor without CNR. Together, BSI and CNR allow to achieve the 1.2um pixel SNR equal to Toshiba's existing 1.4um product. The sensor supports 30fps speed at full resolution. The sensor is planned to enter mass production in July 2013.

T4K35 Block Diagram

Business Wire: Toshiba also launches mass production of the previously announced 2MP 1.75um pixel T4K28 sensor with embedded ISP. The 1/5-inch sensor delivers 15fps at full resolution.

Also, the product pages for the previously announced 20MP 1.2um BSI TCM5115CL sensor has been published on Toshiba site. Also, a new 16MP 1.34um BSI pixel TCM5107CL product page has been published. The new sensor delivers 30fps at full resolution or 60fps in 1080p mode.

TCM5107CL Block Diagram

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