Friday, January 25, 2013

More Interviews by London Image Sensor Conference

London Image Sensor conference site posted two more interesting interviews with its future speakers. Jim DeFilippis, the former head of FOX DTV lab talks about stereo television future:

Q: What are the limitation of current 3D image capture?

A: "Relying on stereoscopic capture. Multi-view capture could provide better 3D imaging but requires intensive processing to convert to Left/Right eye views. Challenge of stereoscopic camera capture is maintaining proper parallax with appropriate disparity, matching the optical and electronic responses in both views (my experience is that for excellent 3D stereoscopic imagery, the error between the Left and Right views needs to be less than 1%)."

Q: Where are the opportunities for further technology refinement and innovation?

A: "Image processing, especially the ability to use multi-view camera systems. On the display side, the ability to produce 'glasses' free auto stereo images, without artifacts. Ultimately a practical holographic display system will be developed."

Yole Developpement's image sensor analyst Paul Danini says:

Q: Do you see any new game-changing innovations around the next corner, and if so, what are they?

A: "In the medical market, single photon counting will definitely represent the most exiting innovation, bringing medical X-ray imaging to the next level with fantastic opportunities to improve cancer diagnostic.
In the consumer business the 3D stacked architecture will deeply change the industry similarly to the Backside Illumination technology which already represent more than 25% of total CMOS image sensor revenue. In these two cases advanced packaging technologies are keys to overcome the technological challenges.

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