Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Altasens Reveals 1080p60 WDR Automotive-Grade Sensor

PR Newswire: AltaSen will soon offer its first 1080p60 WDR sensor fully meeting all specifications at operational temperatures up to 85°C.
The AL30205C-85 and its supporting ASIC have already been fully qualified to JESD-47 along with Qualification of Integrated Circuits and elements per JESD22, JESD85, and JESD78, and will be fully qualified by early 2014 to AEC-Q100 Grade 3. Sensors and ASICs qualified from zero to 60°C are already in mass production.

The HD chipset delivers WDR HD video at 1080p30 through 1080p60 with up to 120 dB dynamic range with a minimum of motion artifacts as enabled by its U.S. Pat. No. 8,605,177.

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