Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Imaging Technology Unveils Two New WDR Products

New Imaging Technology (NIT) presents its WDR Intensified modules, the first intensified Night Vision cameras with a WDR of more than 140dB. The new WiDy IntenS cameras feature a low power consumption (< 300 mW for the analog version) and a small form factor.

NIT also introduces a new WDR InGaAs products family, including sensors and camera modules. NIT SWIR products are based on a proprietary Wide Dynamic Range ROIC technologies and offer aDR of more than 140dB in a single image.


  1. I dont know if these guys are stupid or think we are. Looking at their depth maps of the person with back pack i see that the straps which are literally on the shoulder of the person are at a very different distance than the shoulder. This must be due to lousy post processing of the maps. The depth map of the 3 people: the closet person has two very different colors/depths on his eyes. clearly mistakes of algorithms. They claim to be as good as Iphone5 but on the Res chart they reach 1000 while iphone reaches 1800. thats 3.2 times more res on an 8 mpix iphone compared to a 16 mpix array.

  2. this is comment on Pelican, not on NIT, correct? :-)

  3. Night vision camera with 3T pixels ;) ?

    1. In this camera, an image intensifier tube is used in front of the MAGIC sensor. A very wide dynamic range is required to digitalize the image produced by a high gain image intensifier tube. That is why our sensor can excel in this application.

      By the way, why do you think that 3T pixels can not be used for night vision :) ??

      -yang ni


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