Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Market Forecasts from Yole

Yole Developpement's CIS-2014 report sample gives more data from the market report:


  1. Once again Yole has shown their limited knowledge of this market. The image sensor market hit $13B long ago. Current forecasts from other "reputable" research firms place it more like $18B to $24B within the same forecast period. Yole is trying to tell us that disposable endescopes, digital x-ray and 4k for $4K broadcast will not be high growth segments of this market? Really? I beg to differ.

    1. Jean-Luc Jaffard, a former ST Imaging manager and long-time industry veteran is among the authors of this report. Whatever you say, you can't accuse him in not knowing this stuff. I guess, everybody knows a part of the whole picture, and estimations and, especially, forecasts can differ.

  2. Not taking anything away from Jean-Luc regarding his technical expertise, just sying they do not understand growth trends within this marketplace. A key indication of this is stating wearable sensors will be their highest growth area. Going from nothing to something always creates a misconception regarding growth markets. Having said that, I have been studying this market since 1998, on a yearly basis and reporting on it, and I do not see high growth coming from wearable devices. I do see high growth in the future coming from machine viision, hyper-spectral applications, broadcast and life sciences. I get a real sense that Yole does not understand adoption curves as well as other forecasters.


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