Saturday, January 04, 2014

Sony Reports 50% Market Share in Image Sensors for Digital Cameras and Camcorders

Sony Imaging Technology web page says: "Sony is the world's No. 1 manufacturer of image sensors for digital cameras and video recorders (based on Sony research from April 2012 to March 2013 that shows Sony has a 50% market share)."


  1. I wonder what their market share was when CCDs were king? I think they were also #1 but they had competition from Matsushita, NEC and Toshiba.
    Anyway, they probably have the best technology out there that I have seen for these devices so they have really earned their position. With Samsung constantly on their heels, they also are highly motivated to continue to innovate lest they lose out on pricing and margins to Samsung.

    1. You don' t like SONY, no?

    2. I can't really understand the polarity of your question but let me just say I have nice respect for the technology development that has been done at Sony, and the other companies should be glad that Sony is a difficult, high priced, high-volume vendor from what I have heard.

  2. I've heard that since Fukushima, Sony and several other Japanese semiconductor vendors have become a bit more 'friendly' to non-domestic companies. This is good news since Sony has become the de facto standard for commercial grade CMOS sensors.

  3. Sony makes very good low resolution CCD's but, Mr. Fossum is correct, they are very difficult to work with. Kodak Image Sensor Solutions now Truesense Imaging also makes very high quality CCD's. Moreover, the Truesense CCD's are faster and come in much higher resolutions. These observations come from experience as the company I work for, Imperx uses both Sony and Truesense sensors.
    Greg Pangburn - Imperx Inc

  4. Eric,

    Sony had 55%-60% MS in DSC and consumer camcorders from 2000-2008-CCDs. I have this data to back this up.


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