Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cypress Offers Single-Chip MIPI-to-USB Bridge

Cypress EZ-USB CX3 camera controller allows simple mobile image sensors connection to PC. CX3 has a 4-lane CSI-2 receiver with up to 1 Gbps on each lane, and supports video data formats such as RAW8/10/12/14, YUV422 (CCIR/ITU 8/10-bit), RGB888/666/565 and User-Defined 8-bit. CX3 has integrated the USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 PHYs along with a 32-bit ARM926EJ-S microprocessor for data processing and for building custom applications.


  1. The Reference Design Kit for the Cypress EZ-USB CX3 is available from e-con Systems ( and this comes with complete schematics and UVC firmware with source code.

  2. If there are 4 lanes csi-2 receiver, this controller allows 4 image sensors connection to PC? It's possible to work about stereo vision with this?

  3. Basically CX3 will not able to handle multiple camera connected to its bus

    If you looking for stereo cameras like in a FX3 based solution, We are working on it and shceduled to launch by March 2016.
    We will update you once the product launched into the market.


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