Monday, January 27, 2014

Samsung ISOCELL Technology Webinar

IEEE Tech Insider opens registration for a free Samsung webinar on Feb 11, 2014: "Image Sensors for Mobile Devices: Next Generation Pixel Technology" by Jungchak Ahn, VP of Samsung Electronics’ Image Sensor Product Development, and Marty Agan, Director Engineering in the System LSI business of Samsung Semiconductor.

Samsung presenters will share with the audience how ISOCELL:
  • Decreases crosstalk by approximately 30%, resulting in higher color fidelity
  • Increases the full well capacity by 30%, leading to greater dynamic range
  • Features a 20% wider chief ray, reducing the height of the camera module
They also talk about specific challenges in developing ISOCELL and the solutions that will benefit camera module designs and, ultimately, the end camera applications.


  1. This clashes with ISCC

    1. Clashes with ISCC? What are you talking about? This is all about a new Samsung patented fabrication process. Whereby CMOS cells are physically isolated in the manufacturing process. Has nothing to do with what ISCC can regulate.

      They also have a patented algorithm that goes with it, but that too is beyond any regulatable body such as the ISCC standards, until and if they are ever submitted. Why would they do that? When they will own the entire market by keeping it for themselves.

      But..... the great thing about Samsung is that they aren't like Apple and others, who keep everything to themselves, except the junk they spend pennies on. Instead they innovate with BILLIONS spent on R&D and share it with their own customers willing to actually pay for it. ISOCELL will be the new Samsung Standard.

      Because they've learned the hard way with being screwed by companies like Apple that sharing standards never gets them their due pay back. Screw Apple and every other member of ISCC who are now stuck on the outside looking in to Samsung's Great Future with ISOCELL!!!


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