Monday, January 27, 2014

Geo Semi Introduces Single-Chip Wide Angle HDR Camera Processor

GEO Semiconductor introduces the GC6500 family of programmable video processors, integrating GEO’s eWARP core, Apical HDR ISP pipeline, MIPI D-PHY Input, stereo recording path, H.264 Codec, Tensilica XTENSA HIFI CPU and USB2.0 interfaces. Integrated DCDC converters and LDOs provide all necessary system voltages. The eWARP Geometric Processor supports correction for wide field of view lens (180/360). It also supports custom maps for panoramic and zero-content loss views, multiple virtual cameras with perspective correction and ePTZ (electronic Pan, Tilt and Zoom). The processor supports up to 5MP sensor resolution at 30fps and 1080p60 video.

Paul Russo, CEO of GEO Semiconductor says, "There is an explosion of uses for ultra-wide field of view or ‘fisheye’ applications for consumer and industrial markets, such as home security, automotive, cloud and wearable cameras. All of these segments require intense geometric image processing as well as multi-stream compression support. The programmability of the GC6500 provides customers ultimate flexibility and offers H.264 video compression, WDR ISP support in a highly integrated low power IC to enable emerging camera markets. GEO has developed complete software stacks, including iOS and Android applications, to provide superior hardware and software support to its customers and shorten their time to market."

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