Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Apple is Expanding its Camera Team

One of Apple recruiters posted an emotional ad in LinkedIn CCD/CMOS Image Sensor Group titled "Calling all Camera & Imaging Experts! Apple is growing like crazy! Camera/Sensor Engineer Roles in Cupertino!"

A quote: "Apple has openings for upwards of 10 Sensor Calibration & Characterization Experts here in our Cupertino offices, we're looking for people who are true Thought Leaders who can take our sensor driven products like the Apple Watch & iPhone into the future. Perhaps that could be you!

The ideal candidate will have a passion for CMOS technologies, along with relevant work experience designing, developing and deploying sensor calibration solutions used for product and manufacturing processes. We're looking for someone who can drive sensor development efforts, define test & calibration requirements, debug devices from the systems level down to the sensor components, while also being able to run meetings with vendor partners. This will be a role with a HUGE amount of visibility across Apple, so you'll get an opportunity to shine and grow your career in ways you may not have thought possible before. If the idea of designing the Next Big Thing in sensors (CMOS/CCD/Motion/Gyro, etc,) then we should chat!


  1. Simply buy STM Imaging Division, they can have all necessary. What is their intention?

  2. OV employees mus love this ad.

  3. Just send the recruiter to IISW2015 ...
    Should be plenty qualified candidates there ...

  4. Is this platform turning into a recruitment platform for this big company?

  5. Why buy STM? ... is the worm not yet in the fruit??


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