Sunday, June 14, 2015

Harvest Imaging Forum Agenda Published

Albert Theuwissen publishes a tentative agenda of this year's forum "3D Imaging with Time-of-Flight: Solid-State Devices, Circuits and Architectures" delivered by David Stoppa:

  • Applications for 3D image sensors
  • Range sensing technologies: taxonomy, pros and cons
  • Active range sensors (Triangulation, Interferometry and Time-of-Flight): operation principle and solid-state implementation
  • Time-of-Flight measurement principle and implementations
Time-of-Flight System
  • Building blocks
  • Optical power budget and system design considerations
  • Technical requirements for 3D Time-of-Flight image sensors
  • History and evolution of 3D image sensors versus 2D
Detector Technologies: Photo-demodulators (PDM), Electronic Shutter (ES), SPADs and APDs
  • Evolution of PDM-devices from CCD to CIS
  • Description and analysis of State-of-the-art PDM implementations
  • Description and analysis of SoA ES solutions
  • From photodiode to SPAD through APDs
  • SPAD operation principle and behavioural model
  • SPAD front-end and processing electronics
  • Description and analysis of SoA SPAD-based solutions
  • Pros and cons of each detector technology and best application scenarios
3D Image sensors readout architectures and main processing blocks
  • Sensor architectures, column amplifiers, ADCs, on-chip processing blocks
  • Extra electronics needed by 3D Time-of-Flight with respect to 2D (TDCs, TACs, drivers)
Main noise sources in 3D imagers
  • Noise analysis and case study for PDM, ES and SPAD sensors
3D Image sensors characterisation and Figures of Merit
  • How to test a 3D Time-of-Flight imager
  • Main Figures of Merit
Additional topics
  • Best 3D sensor technology for your application
  • System aspects and trade-offs
  • Future perspective and roadmap


  1. I can hardly think of a better person to give such a short course than David Stoppa. Hope the forum is full! (and I am not related to this forum in any way).

  2. Albert TheuwissenJune 17, 2015 at 11:39 AM

    Thanks Eric for your kind words.
    First session is almost filled, second session still has seats available.

  3. Thanks Eric, I feel even more now the pressure of responsibility ;-)

    By the way, I know that several TOF experts from the main players in 3D imaging will attend the Forum so I definitely expect a lot of interesting discussions during the two-days course!


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