Friday, June 19, 2015

SuperPix Presents "the First Excellent Price 8MP 1.12um BSI Pixel Sensor"

Beijing, China-based Superpix launches SP8408, "the first excellent price 8-megapixel CMOS image sensor chip, the product in the world’s leading automatic 12 inch BSI process line production, production process without human intervention, to ensure that the product has excellent consistency and stability.

The main performance index of SP8408 is better than other first-class 8M products in the market, the key index sensitivity is 9.5%, and high dynamic range (HDR) camera mode and low illumination enhancement mode. SP8408 pixel size of 1.12um, can be supports 1/4 inch 8 pixel optical lens. SP8408 capacity adequacy, as long as 2.5 months in advance to give demand forecast, can guarantee the stable supply of demand.

The company's LinkedIn article lists SP8408 features:

"The 1/4 inch 8-megapixel RAW data image sensor SP8408 is one of SuperPix’s upgrade products of SP84XX series color image sensors. It is a high performance sensor based on advanced 1.12um BSI pixel architecture. The SP8408 is a high cost-performance image sensor product that can be embedded in portable equipment, and is especially suitable for mainstream smart phones and tablet computer applications.

The SP8408 incorporates 3280 x 2464 effective pixels, advanced low power analog circuits (ASP). The on chip ISP circuits performs sophisticated signal processing including picture flip,auto defect pixel correction,picture flip and lens shading correction,etc.SP8408 supports high frame speed up to 30fps at full resolution, 60fps at 1080P, 120fps at 720p format transferred over a 4-lane Interface. The new "Bright Mode" feature delivers high-frame-rate(slow-motion)video without causing a luminance drop.
" (sounds a bit like Toshiba "Bright Mode.")

Another Superpix LinkedIn article presents SP0A38 VGA 2.2um pixel SoC.


  1. What is the excellent price?

  2. that means that performance is not excellent yet...

  3. i heard it is a re-branded Toshiba..... just like GalaxyCore also sells some of the re-branded Sony cis

    can someone confirm?

  4. Replies
    1. Probably a typo. It's 2464 in the table and in the text.

  5. Very possible. HiMax also has sold STM sensors before. Since all these brands have difficulties to address low end market, either due to lack of channel or due to market positionning.


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