Saturday, June 20, 2015

UHDTV News: NHK 8K Compact Camera, PERSEUS Codec

DigiInfo TV publishes a video of a compact 8K camera and environment presented at NHK Open House days at the end of May:

One of the biggest NHK challenges is implementing the high speed video processing and delivering the broadcast traffic. Videonet article discusses a rapid adoption of PERSEUS codec developed by V-Nova, which possibly solves these problems. The London, UK-based startup V-Nova has been established in 2011, but came out of stealth mode in April 2015 "claiming that PERSEUS completely shifts the bit rate curve and makes it possible to deliver UHD in HD bit rates, HD in SD bit rates and SD in sub-audio bit rates."

V-Nova founders discuss the disruptive nature of their proprietary codec technology in this pre-launch Youtube video:


  1. V-Nova claims that Perseus is a completely new approach that does not infringe on the thousands of current video codec patents, while also claiming that it is compatible with existing encode/decode hardware.

  2. Reminds me of the claims made in a patent back in the 70s for an analog process that was supposed to reduce the transmission bandwidth of high-fidelity audio to below 100 Hz but a technique of "Frequency Division".


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