Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Espros Presents its ToF Advances

Espros Photonic sent me its June 2015 Newsletter which, I guess, will eventually appear on its web site. The company CEO, Beat De Coi, tells about their ToF sensor product, and promises to tell more in the next Newsletter edition:

"The ESPROS TOF technology is gaining huge momentum. The delivery start of the 3D-TOF QVGA imager was excellent. Customers immediately recognized the performance of our OHC15L technology. A QE of more than 80% at 850nm wavelength and pixels with 100% fill factor provide unmatched sensitivity with very low illumination power. A reference design of a camera engine with a horizontal FOV of 94° achieves a 10m range in the full field. Ok, this is on a white target. But the exposure time is a few milliseconds only."

Espros also opens a Youtube channel with a video demo of its epc660 ToF imager:

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