Tuesday, June 23, 2015

e2v IISW 2015 Papers On-Line

e2v publishes its IISW 2015 papers on its web site:

"Electron Multiplying Device Made on a 180 nm Standard CMOS Imaging Technology" by Pierre Fereyre, Frédéric Mayer, Mathieu Fournier, Clément Buton, Timothée Brugière, and Rémi Barbier presents electron multiplying CMOS pixel:

e2v also publishes another IISW paper: "CMOS Charge Transfer TDI with Front Side Enhanced Quantum Efficiency" by F. Mayer, S. Pesenti, F. Barbier, H. Bugnet, J. Endicott, F. Devriere, T. Ligozat

1 comment:

  1. Very interesting researches !
    I'm looking forward to an industrial EMCMOS that could be used for
    astronomy imaging.
    EMCCD have a lot of drawbacks :
    - only small sensors are available for industrial application,
    - cost an arm or more !
    - very slow fps compared to recent CMOS,

    Do you think that this new technology will overpass all these
    drawbacks ?



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